Age is No Longer a Bar to Ailments- Thanks to Lifestyle

Old age and health

There was a time when the doctors could easily discard certain ailments from the young people, especially in children and teenagers. Certain diseased were linked to age-groups of people, such as heart ailments, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and others. With a lot of play and outdoor activities, coupled with a healthy diet, the young people were not considered amenable to these diseases which were most often found in old people.

The last 3 or 4 decades seem to have changed all that. Technological developments have altered the lifestyles which have become more sedentary. This has been true for the children as much for the adults. This factor has been singularly responsible for declining immunity (though there are many other factors which have complimented it) which makes their bodies amenable to diseases. Today we can see diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, artery blockages and many such diseases in much younger people which are the result of decline in physical activities and eating of unhealthy food. This situation is further exacerbated with the higher stress levels.

Despite education on the pros and cons of modern lifestyle, the situation is not improving but is aggravating. This necessitates the requirement of preventive diagnostic tests which shall be conducted periodically. It can be said that age is no longer a bar against the occurrence of diseases since the lifestyles have changed drastically.