Home Sample Collection- A Service Delivery Improvement

home sample collection

Lab diagnostics has come a long way. In terms of technology, there has been considerable improvement which can now facilitate detection of the problem very early, without taking days as was the case earlier. While it is true that some of the tests still require some days to report, vast majority of these can be done and reported for the same day. There has been considerable improvement in the methods of service delivery as well. The lab next door was to be visited if someone wanted to get the test done. But, this is not the case anymore. In fact, sample collection can happen right from your home.

Why has this change been possible?
There are many reasons for this change being possible.
At first, there has been availability of more trained people who can collect samples. Earlier, the people were not many and this did not allow for the person to visit multiple households and then attend to the lab work at the same time.
Second, there have a number of such labs now present everywhere. Even the big laboratory chains now have their branches as well as collection centers in all part of major cities. There is no doubt that an increase in competition has also led to delivery of better services.
Third, equipments and accessories which a person has to carry along with him for securing the samples have also improved in design and quality of material. Earlier, there was a shortage of such equipment and there was a danger of sample contamination during transit. This is more protective now.
Fourth, there have been improvement in modes of transport. Sample collection agent can now arrive on a scooter or a van in no time, collect the sample, place it securely and take it to the testing center which could be hours away. This has made home sample collection distinctly possible.

For all these and more reasons, patients can now have their samples of blood, urine and stool delivered for lab testing right from their homes.