Normal Range of Values- Blood Sugar

Measuring blood sugar levels is one of the primary tests of any health check up. Every doctor would ask you whether you have high blood sugar (a condition called diabetes) before he prescribes any medicine. The sugar levels in the body are controlled by insulin. It is when the secretion of insulin in sufficient amount does not happen that the sugar levels increase. Increase in sugar levels come with a number of problems. Therefore, it shall be tested periodically if a person is already diabetic.

For the benefit of the readers, the normal range values of the blood sugar levels  in body are as follows:

Blood Sugar Tests
Blood Sugar Fasting 60-100 MG/DL
Blood Sugar PP 80-140 MG/DL
Calcium 8.5-10.5 MG/DL
CPK 25-195 U/L


Blood sugar is tested by doing a blood test early in morning with empty stomach and then repeating it about 1.5 hrs after taking breakfast. The normal range levels of both these tests is given in the table above.