Normal Vitamin Levels in Human Body

Vitamins are crucial for body and for normal functioning. You would have seen doctors prescribe multi-vitamin medicine for people who need it. Doctors can advise for the vitamin profile tests if they feel there is a deficiency of some vitamin. Here are the normal values of vitamins found in our body:

Vitamin Profile Tests
Vitamin B1 70 – 180 nmol/L
Vitamin B2 1 – 19 mcg/L
Vitamin B3 0.50 – 8.45 ug/ml
Vitamin B6 5 – 50 mcg/L
Vitamin B9 140 – 628 ng/ml
Vitamin B12 180 – 914 ng/L
Vitamin A 0.30 – 1.20 mg/L
Vitamin C 0.6 – 2 mg/dl
Vitamin D 20 – 50 ng/ml
Vitamin D3 20 – 100ng/ml
Vitamin E 5.4 – 40 ng/ml
Vitamin K 0.2 – 3.2ng/ml

Any deviation from these values requires consultation with the doctor. Generally, lifestyle and dietary changes are prescribed. Medicines are prescribed when these values have to be brought to normal range in shorter time span or when it is felt that the abnormality will persist if medication is not given.