Periodic Whole Body Check Up- Why Do You Need It?

If you are wedded to the idea that you are in the state of good health and, therefore, there is a no need for periodic check ups, then you could be mistaken. While the feel good factor about health does indicate that everything fine, it is important to get this reconfirmed with the periodic tests.
Ailments are Many
We are living in an age in which there are many different types of ailments. These ailments are continuously knocking at the doors of your body, waiting for the right time to strike. You do need the fortifications and also the periodic confirmations that these have not yet made it in your body since these have the ability to enter unannounced.
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
This wonderful quote can prove to be one life-saving statement when applied practically. Periodic whole body check up ensures that diseases are detected early. Every disease makes a beginning somewhere and has a nascent initial stage. Many of these diseases, which could be life-threatening in later stages, can be cured or prevented in the initial stage itself. For diseases to be detected early, it is important that checkups are conducted at regular intervals of time (say quarterly). Else, the person is at the mercy of first symptoms of the disease to appear.
Medical Science Advancements
Medical science has progressed really well to give longer lifespan to humans. It has developed ways and means to ensure that physical well being of the person is helped to the maximum possible extent. One of the areas where this achievement has been particularly helpful is that of the diagnostics tests. Improved technology and better methods of early and accurate detection of diseases has enabled us to beat the diseases early on.
With the help of government and the big role played by the private sector in ensuring that these advances are accessible to the common man, it is now possible to use these modern diagnostics for full body check ups to the maximum advantage.
Affordable Costs
Along with good access, another important aspect is of affordability of these tests. For the basic level or starting level tests, there is no big money involved. These tests are cheap which provides the opportunity to a very large section of our population to get diagnosed early for diseases.
Therefore, access (to these tests), affordability (of tests) and ability (of medical science to make correct diagnosis) are major pillars that help people go for check-ups of whole body on regular intervals.