Symptoms of Kidney Failure


Why should you care about your kidneys?

Your kidneys are one of the most important body organ that you possess. The kidneys are beans shaped organs that filters out the the waste material from your blood, they are located opposite to each other on either side of the spine.

Before just throwing those symptoms at your face it is important to understand the functions that your kidneys perform in order to get a bigger picture of the problem you can face because of a kidney failure.

The kidneys perform various important functions in our body:

Waste excretion:

Our kidneys filter out the various toxins and waste products from our blood which if not filtered can cause various problems in our body and may develop into some life-taking chronic diseases.

Water level balancing:

Kidneys play a vital role in the water level balancing of our body as the controls the excretion process depending upon the current water level of our body.

Red blood cells regulation:

When they do not get enough of the oxygen,Kidneys also stimulates the bone marrow to produce more oxygenated red blood cells which leads to the proper functioning of our body.

8 Yelling Symptoms of a Kidney failure

1.Unexplainable fatigue

If your kidneys are functioning properly then they produce a anime called erythropoietin  which stimulates your bone marrow to produce more of the oxygenated red blood cells, when your kidneys fail they produce very less of erythropoietin  as a result fewer red blood cells are produced by your bone marrow which leads to a depletion of oxygen in various parts of the body which gives rise to fatigue and excessive tiredness.

2.Shortness of breath & Panting  – Even after a brisk walk!

This can mainly occur because of two reasons:

Extra fluid in lungs

Kidney failure may cause you to develop extra fluid in your lungs which will definitely affect your breathing capacity of your lungs leading to shortness of breath and excessive panting.


As discussed earlier that lack of erythropoietin  will lead to lack of red blood cells in our body which will make your body to starve for oxygen, as a result your body will tend to take more oxygen in one go leading to shortness of breath.

3.Difficulty in thinking clearly

As you know that our brain continuously needs more and more oxygen to think effectively and efficiently and lack of oxygenated blood in our body will deteriorate the thinking process of your brain, this may also cause confusion,mood swings and headache

4. Itchy Feeling

As kidneys filter out the toxins from your body, so in case of a kidney failure these toxins enter our bloodstream and are transported to our skin cells, so these toxins can actually make you feel itchy and not  just that if the concentration of these toxins start to increase then your skin will also start getting infected.

5.Food starts to Taste like Metal

Due to the buildup of  uremia (toxins in the blood), anything that you eat will starts to taste like metal, you will stop liking certain foods such as meat, bread, frits etc. this is due to the toxins in our blood which impacts  the taste buds of your tongue.

6. Bubbly and Foamy Urine

When the kidneys fail to function properly the  urine they make will also get affected this can make you lose various important nutrients especially protein during excretion which can cause this effect.

7.Change in the Color of Urine: Brown, Red & Even Purple

When your kidneys starts to fail the urine making process gets affected this leads to various problems when you pee, the different colors are actually the unfiltered content.

8.Upset Stomach and Frequent Vomiting

Build up of various toxins in our body can make you feel nauseas  and even impact the digestive processes of your intestines this can lead to an upset stomach and frequent vomiting  to spill out the toxins that are a hindrance to your digestion process.
Due to the advancement of medical science and because of various studies and contributions kidneys can now be treated effectively just like any other part of your body but of course an early identification of a disease is a must to ensure that the treatment is successful.

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