Thyroid Functions and Testing Objectives

thyroid function tests


Advancements in medical sciences have provided a crucial way forward for unraveling the body. There is now a much better understanding of the body parts and functions and the whole mechanisms that drive good health of people. Thyroid gland is one of these body organs which plays a significant role in imparting good health to people.

Why does thyroid gland do?

thyroid function testsThe function of this gland is very simple. It secrets thyroid hormones which influence rate of metabolism of body and play an important role in synthesis of protein. Rate of metabolism determines how the food we eat get absorbed in body. It also determined whether we have a good appetite or not. It also determines how the fats are broken down, tissues are revitalized and cholesterol is decreased.

Thyroid hormones are also responsible for strength and rate of heart-beat. This cardiovascular function helps in improving the breathing rate and intake of oxygen. In turn, these help in improving blood circulation and maintaining the body temperature corresponding to the surroundings.

Another aspect of the thyroid hormones is related to developmental factors. These are vital for normal development of body and mental capabilities of people, especially in the growth years of young children.

All in all, this gland regulates the functions of the body and makes these work at optimal levels.

What is tested in Thyroid Function Test?

Thyroid function tests are carried out to know whether hormones are being secreted in ample quantities or not. There is a normal range of activity pre-defined and any under- or over-activity of these hormones signals that something is wrong. Thyroid function test normally checks the secretion levels of three hormones T3, T4 and TSH. This helps in determining what different types of ailments are likely to be suffered by the people due to this. This also leads to proper medication being prescribed.